Monday, May 29, 2006

While I was trying to figure what my background sets will look like for this short, I remembered a scene from Chuck Jone's Duck Amuck where Daffy is going all crazy and yelling at whoever's messing with him.
(it ends up being Bugs Bunny)

The background has a child like drawing quality to it, very simple. I might do some tests to copy this. I think with a white background with very little detal, Bare will stand out that much more showcasing my animation........hmm..

The two pics below are kind of what I'm thinking. The 1st one is from Duck Amuck and the second is from a CG set some guy made. It's way too realitic for me, but you get the idea... I hope.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


So my process for this thing is going to go like this:

1) Get the idea out in a script format.
2) Start boarding this whole thing.
3) Get an idea of what everybody and everthing is going to look like.
4) Get those drawings to people who know how to make it in Maya.
5) While the models are being created, I'll re-do the boards and figure out what needs to go and stay story wise. I may have a "kick off party" where I'll show the short in the boarded stage to friends and ask them what to keep and loose. I think that's going to be pretty tough, while all of my animator friends are great and skills are amazing, showing something to them that I'll be asking them to tear apart might be tough on my fragle ego. I'll buy a brand new cry pillow for that night.
6)Test the models while setting up the 3d animatic
7)Start animating
8) When I get the animation to a place where I can't take it any further, I'll have a animation party ( yes I'll buy the booze) where I'll invite people that I know are good animators and get them to help me go over the animation and help me push it.
9) More animation
10) Now this is when it's going to be tricky. I'm either going to try and shop this thing around just as a reel and maybe get a new job, or I can try to see if where I'm currently working would want to use it to shop around as a short film..... I dunno yet, let's see if it's good enough......
11) Sleep.

So far I've done steps 1-4 and I'm starting 5.

My Production Manager , Brooke Van Hatten is cracking the whip to get a kick off party sooner than later so that my story will be a little more solid that it is now with the imput from my friends. So hopefully I can agrange that in the next week or so.

Buck Lee


How the hell amd I going to get this done?

Good question and I'm open to any answer you have.


I've finished the first pass of my boards for this monster of a short so I thought I'd post a couple. I'd like to go over some of the drawings again, but if I get my 3d models made sooner than later, I'll re-do the whole animatic in 3d.
Hopkins pointed out that I've got way too many close up shots and that I should mix it up a little....
I think that's due to my lack of drawing skills.

Pic 1:Here Bare ( yes Bare not Bear) wakes and then get's up.

Pic 2:Bare sees a place where he can hide from the crowd and hopefully go about his business.....

Pic 3:Here in a fit of rage he runs to a baby who has fallen into the bear-pit to tear the poor thing apart! Dear god! Will someone stop him?

When I get around to it I'll try and post the full boards timed out.......

Friday, May 26, 2006

Call of the Wild starts pre-pro!

Ah HA!

I'm starting a short animated film called Call of the Wild which is about a bear in a zoo who has to go pee, but is too scared to with all the people watching. I'd like this blog to be an online progress report on how it's going, and the highs and lows of this animated adventure. As well as an insite to me and how I'm going to balance my life seeing as I'm a part time ninja as well as a full time animator!

I'd like to ( when I figure it out) post pics and when animation starts, animation tests for friends and enemies to critique.

Thanks for dropping by and keep coming back to check out what I've done, also feel free to comment on anyhting you see here ( except spelling) .

Buck Lee