Monday, June 09, 2008

I'm done school ( not done my short yet.....grrr) so I treated myself to a piece of art from my favorite comic book, Spider-man Blue by Jeff Loeb and Tim Sale!!!!!!!!!

No time to blog! Gotta run!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's April and .... whoa... wait a second... APRIL? What the? Yikes. Time is flying by super dooper quick these days.

School is nuts. I'm getting up on average at 6am and I work until 9, head to work, sometimes go home for lunch and work, come back to work, then head home and 3-4 days a week work late until I'm too sleepy to see
Breaking point.... coming .... soon.... but I'm learning a ton and it's a blast. It's just super hard right now.
This past weekend was pretty fun! Brooke and I drove to Whistler where her friend CAT had her B-day!
We went up and boarded on Saturday then hit the town that night!

What else is new... hmmm... umm....I saw Meet The Robinson's with Hopkins! I love the villain. Wowzers he was animated well!
..... must be something else.... hmmm....
Just at work trying to animate Rats. Evil rats bent on destroying the world.....procrastination station over here...



Thursday, March 29, 2007

Whoa..... where the hell have I been?
Busy, that's where!

Every time I'm on the computer I'm working at my animation and haven't had time to
post anything! That's not to say that I haven't had anything super cool
happen to me!

-Brooke and I moved in together into a EPIC apartment! 1700 sq feet, sub zero fridge, two bedrooms and a heli-pad!We're having a blast living it up! She's also put up with my Uglydolls so far, but I did find Jerro in the oven the other day. I don't recall putting him in there, but I guess I did....

-My super dooper special Comic Con edition Black Jerro Brooke got me for Xmas is making friends.

AM is closed for the weekend, so Brooke and I
are running up to Whistler to snowboard and relax! Then on Saturday
Hopkins and I are going to watch the hockey game!

I'll try to update more stuff in the coming
weeks, but as term 2 ends and term 3 starts, I think I'm going to be
super busy again, we're starting intro to acting! I'm learning a ton though and thank god ( or the baby Jesus) that Brooke is so supportive or I think I'd be toast by now!

That is all.

Monday, January 15, 2007


1st week of school!
I was working on a guy that would run up to a ball, go to kick it, then at the last secind the ball would jump out of the way sending the guy flipping though the air. Then the ball would bounce on top of the guy and then off screen.
My new mentor Mark Behm said that yeah, that's entertaining but I won't learn as much as if I did a guy doing a 180 turn.
Nuts. So I changed my idea. I have to start animating that today.

Oh yeah, I turned 30 the other day. Brooke threw me a surprise party where I crapped my pants.
I had no idea. It took me about a hour to get over the shock. I can't beleve so many people showed up for me, even after all these years of me making fun of them!
Brooke did such an amazing job at puting that party together!
She's a keeper...


Hmm... what else....
I had to buy a scaner to help get all my planing sketches online. I found a little beauty at Futureshop for 100 bucks. Not bad!
I thought I'd test it out!

The new Warcraft game comes out tonight at midnight! I may go to Best Buy and check it out around 11ish, but only if there's a chance of me getting on the news......other wise I'll get it Tuesday.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I had a rad Xmas full of fun and snow! There's way to much to report, but I'll start by showing off where I was on the 23rd!
A friend of my aunts is a bulldog breeder and just had 8 pups! I've wanted a bulldog for about 15 years now!!!
Brooke and I ran over for a visit during a family get together in Chilliwhack!
DEAR GOD! If you're rich and are reading this can you please by me one.

One more week off from Animation Mentor!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


So I'm now done the 1st term at Animation Mentor, and holy smokes was it fun!!
The sites closed until January 7th...... so what do i do now? I've been living on the site for 3 months and now I can't login for 3 weeks!!??
I'll post some pics and maybe movies of my stuff......


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just got back from an amazing adventure in Thailand with Brooke!
I'll post more pics soon as I'm still in Singapore and have a ton of work to do!

But here's one of the best pics so far. A little diving issiue with my mask and too much pressure resulted in this little baby.
The Doctor said it'll go away in 1-2 weeks...... eek!