Sunday, October 29, 2006

They say that you have 70,000 bad drawings in you. So keep drawing and you'll get them out as soon as possible.... I think I did 10,000 of those this week.... wow..... drawing.... tough........
More on this later:

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So I'm working away at home .... do do do dum dee dum dum ( if you ask anyone who has ever sat next to me while I'm working, those are the sounds I make) and all of a sudden, "SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" This hair raising, crazy banshee scream starts coming form my monitor! You know those ones that you can hear just enough to make you want to bang you head against a wall until it stops! UGH!
It goes away when I turn it off, which makes animating tough.

Blast.... Looks like I have to fork over some cash for a new one. It is only a 15 inch guy form the early 90's that I bought for 30 bucks... but still.....
I found a picture of it on the net next to some nerd.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Waiting for sound again from my editor for this promo I'm working on..... doo. doo.. dum dee de dum dum...... What's new.... let's see....

I did another assignment for Animation Mentor!
THE BOUNCING BALL! and then a pose of their model ( named STU) in an excited pose!

My mentor Steve liked the ball, but didn't like the pose AT ALL. HAHAHAHA!
Ah well, you win some, you loose some!

This week I have to animate TWO balls, each with a different property. Like one a bowling ball, the other a ping pong ball.

I want to get this done asap so I can get people to look at it and help me make it perfect. PERFECT I SAY!

What else..... OH.. I babysat on Saturday night, Jordo(1)aka Jordan and the BEAST(4)aka Lauren. It went pretty smooth until I had to put Jordo down. My sister didn't tell me she was teething. I walked out of her bedroom and hour later, bloodshot eyes and ears ringing.
Thank Cripes Brooke could hold the Beast off with a dvd of Little Mermaid. I'm not sure if Brooke saw much of the film, The Beast didn't stop talking, not even to breath..... she's a crazy one that Beast.
I'll post a pic of them later, I don't have any recent ones at work.

AH, my sounds here. Gotta go!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


SCHOOL: I started the bouncing ball last night after an hour or so planning. Man.... it's tougher than I thought when you actually think about it instead of just laying down keys and making it up as you go!!! I kept trying to do it the old way and just go straight ahead, but stopping myself and trying to animate it with a layered approach. It's working, but it's just getting the timing of the y axis down before I even think about the Z axis! Then as soon as I throw some Z into it, the timing on the Y looks off!

It's rad though, I also got my critique of my pose I did, my mentor Steve liked it and said that the only thing he'd change would be the shoulders, which is fine because the model I was using didn't even have shoulders!

PERSONAL: Went up to Whistler this weekend with Brooke and had a rad time! I cooked a steak for dinner on Friday... a little too much, but ah well! Then on Saturday we wondered around and took in the sites, then went to ELEMENTS for dinner. If you ever in Whistler, check it out! AMAZING food.... the cheesecake was a little hard though, but I'm only picky about it because it's my favorite desert. Great time!!!!
(this picture is from last year on the way to Whistler, I don't have any pictures from this year, so just pretend )

Here's a picture from our trip!!

Then I did dinner with the MOM, GRANDPA, Trish and fam for Thanksgiving on Sunday. Ya!!

What else....hmmmm.... only a few more weeks until I head to Toronto with Brooke for a week, and then a week after that we're off to Singapore! I'm kinda getting worried about the program while I'm over there, but I think instead of sleeping in everyday, I'll get up REALLY early and work, plus take advantage of the long flights and use the time to animate!

This is a really long post... wow... I'm sitting at work waiting for the editor to cut some sound for me to animate too....


Friday, October 06, 2006

I just finished uploading my 1st assignment to Animation Mentor! We had to go out and draw a ton of people, take a drawing we liked then pose it up in the computer. Neat-o.
Here's mine!

I'm off to Whistler for the weekend to do some mountain biking and hopefully some relaxing with Brooke! This juggling a job and doing AM is getting stressful..... THIS IS ONLY WEEK 2!!!!!!

I see a glass of wine and a cigar in my near future....

NEXT WEEK: Bouncing Ball..............