Thursday, March 29, 2007

Whoa..... where the hell have I been?
Busy, that's where!

Every time I'm on the computer I'm working at my animation and haven't had time to
post anything! That's not to say that I haven't had anything super cool
happen to me!

-Brooke and I moved in together into a EPIC apartment! 1700 sq feet, sub zero fridge, two bedrooms and a heli-pad!We're having a blast living it up! She's also put up with my Uglydolls so far, but I did find Jerro in the oven the other day. I don't recall putting him in there, but I guess I did....

-My super dooper special Comic Con edition Black Jerro Brooke got me for Xmas is making friends.

AM is closed for the weekend, so Brooke and I
are running up to Whistler to snowboard and relax! Then on Saturday
Hopkins and I are going to watch the hockey game!

I'll try to update more stuff in the coming
weeks, but as term 2 ends and term 3 starts, I think I'm going to be
super busy again, we're starting intro to acting! I'm learning a ton though and thank god ( or the baby Jesus) that Brooke is so supportive or I think I'd be toast by now!

That is all.