Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just got back from an amazing adventure in Thailand with Brooke!
I'll post more pics soon as I'm still in Singapore and have a ton of work to do!

But here's one of the best pics so far. A little diving issiue with my mask and too much pressure resulted in this little baby.
The Doctor said it'll go away in 1-2 weeks...... eek!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Before I started this course, I scoffed at the students that wrote, "Whoa, sorry I haven't updated my blog, I'm just so busy!!"
Doing what!? Animating bouncing balls? BAH!

Yes..... Sadly, I've falling from grace and haven't updated my blog because of these dreaded "boucing balls".
usually I'd animated them, then be done with them, but the caliber of talent in Animation Mentor makes you push yourself. Which I love, but no blog for me.

I'm heading off to Singapore tomorrow and have a 16 hour flight, I plan on blocking out my walk cycle then. Before the class, I'd be able to bang one out in 2 hours! But now, I don't think the flight's going to be long enough....... cool..... and...rad....must ........rememer to.....breath....