Thursday, July 20, 2006

This animated short thing is harder than I thought, with work getting in the way it's almost at a standstill.... ALMOST!
I'm going to take the next few days and start listing influences of mine so I can start getting jazzed about this again!

I've got to get back to work ( super tight deadline on this feature film pitch I'm working on.... dear god help me) but when I get a spare sec I'll rip something out!

The 1st post will be on Chuck Jones for sure though, that I know!
Love that guy... just going frame by frame though his stuff makes me crazy.

This is a fantastic bio on dvd of him. YOU HAVE TO GET IT!
( that and the Frank and Ollie dvd which I will never give back to Graham, sorry pal. Mine now.)

gotta jet..... ack.... work.... pressure.... so.... dark... help ... me......


At 12:37 PM, Blogger Ali C said...

Don't get logged down with pressure...remember...cigar, wine, is good.
Clear you head.


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